Transformation Projects

As a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider partner with more than 25 years of experience, we execute transformations seamlessly, helping clients transition from their on-site environment to a hybrid, or 100% cloud model. Our playground: Azure, Active Directory and Microsoft 365.

Transformation projects require careful planning. We have supported hundreds of businesses through this process and are equipped to accompany you flawlessly from A to Z.

We first help clients define project vision and scope:

  • Where do you stand now and what do you wish to accomplish with this transformation?
  • What are the benefits of such a project?
  • What problem are you trying to solve and are you sure this transformation will achieve the desired results?
  • What’s at stake and what happens if you don’t make the change?

These are some of the questions we ask to build a solid project foundation that ensures executive buy-in.
Once the project is approved and everyone is on the same page, our job is to make this transformation successful. Implementing new infrastructure is easy, while cultural adjustments are trickier. Working alongside our partners in change management, we pull together to create the proper conditions to facilitate such change, to help corporate culture evolve with the new technology, and to create ambassadors of change amongst the staff. 

Moreover, as a privileged business partner, we realize that a transformation cannot deliver value before the end users have embraced it. We bring in experts to ensure that all your change management needs are addressed. We work with some of the best Change Management experts in Quebec to ensure your project is embraced by your teams.