Who We Are

Meet the Team

René-Sylvain Bédard

Founding CEO

After more than two decades in various senior-level IT management positions, I woke up one morning and decided that’s it, I’m out of here. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked for my share of exceptional companies over the years; many of them I greatly admired. I learned a tremendous amount through these experiences, I couldn’t shake the idea of building my own business, defining my own model.

There was no turning back: I had a vision of rewriting the book of IT consulting. I wanted to create a tech company that is bold and upfront. A company that isn’t afraid to stand by its principles and tell it like it is. My goal was to build a team of highly qualified experts that can service clients in an innovative way, by helping them rethink their business processes, solidify their technology infrastructure and make cybersecurity their top priority. I wanted to leave the status quo behind and challenge the industry mindset. And that’s exactly what I did. Welcome to Indominus.

Jonathan Ginter

VP Innovation

If there’s one thing am familiar with, it’s innovation. I’ve devoted my professional life to building product visions, empowering teams, and redefining company cultures. I believe in the power of simplicity and strong user experience. I advocate engaging customers directly in a company’s conception of strategy as well as in the development and delivery process. I teach companies how to properly engage with customers, build a coherent roadmap, create a prioritized backlog of work, and organize delivery efforts around an Agile mindset that sacles. In my spare time, I mentor idea-stage and early-stage entrepreneurs to help make them successful. I am a developer, software architect, and product owner whose main strengths are coaching and inspiring others to achieve what they once considered to be an impossible goal. Give me a complex idea and I will absorb it, simplify it and explain it to any audience. Put me in front of a challenge that seems unconquerable and I will lead a team that will achieve it as if it were child’s play. Ask me where I belong, and I’ll answer “Indominus”.