What We Stand For

For us, challenging the status quo and innovating unconditionally are as essential as breathing. It’s in our DNA.

When we first launched the company, we looked for the right word to describe us, but constantly ended up empty-handed. It was clear that we needed to invent one: goodass. The goodass approach is best described as “Harley Davidson meets the Care Bears”.

On the one hand, we have a direct, upfront attitude. We’ve seen too many wishy-washy business relationships lead to IT catastrophe. Consequently, we tell it like it is. On the other hand, our word is gold. When we commit to a project, big our small, we never lose sight of our vision to be a partner in business growth. We pride ourselves in being highly professional and efficient, allowing us to deliver the highest possible quality without cutting corners.

Our strong corporate values, with integrity at the forefront, guide us every step of the way. We keep our promises, honour our commitments, value our clients, and systematically give back to the community. No compromises.