The Blueprint for Modern IT

The plan for a successful modernization

It is no secret that a growing number of companies are facing the need to modernize their IT. Technologies are evolving, cybersecurity challenges are becoming a concern and some IT environments are becoming obsolete.

However, modernization is not just about putting together a list of services to update. Your business must evolve, needs change and your technological environment must adapt.

Embarking on IT modernization is complex and scary. The obstacles to this modernization can have several origins such as the lack of competent personnel, the lack of a clear vision, the uncertainty of making the right choices, and the surrounding instability. We also understand that technology is now a crucial axis for the productivity and viability of your business. If the technology stops working, financial losses usually follow almost automatically.

Indominus Consulting has been aware of this reality for some time now and has decided to offer a solution.

This solution gives companies a clear and detailed step-by-step plan for a successful modernization.The Blueprint for modern IT, what is it?

The Blueprint for modern IT was created to meet the exact needs of companies or organizations that want to modernize their IT, who want to be sure of making the right choices, and who want to make their investment profitable.

The Blueprint for Modern IT program is a 4-month co-creation plan, which will allow you to be supported by a team of seasoned experts, enriched by our ecosystem of partners, to adequately meet your needs.

The result is a costed and detailed execution plan that allows you to set up a harmonized infrastructure that will then be easier to understand, manage and monitor.

Our Modus Operandi

Our process is made up of 6 simple steps that take place over 4 months in co-creation mode with your internal teams. We have realized that your teams are often better placed to give us an accurate picture of the state of the situation. In addition, involving these teams at all stages facilitates change management and project success. The objective here is to create the ideal conditions for collaboration so that modernization is a success.

Our steps are as follows:

1. In.vision: Create a vision that inspires the business

To build your house, you don’t start pouring your concrete slab without knowing what you want for your home. You first deal with an architect who will advise you and supervise all the essential steps.

It is the objective of this phase is also to show you what your T.I. will look like at the end of the modernization.

2. In.spection: Analysis of the current

Any good itinerary must have a starting point and to be able to trace the path that leads to your destination you must master what surrounds you or in this case know the existing one.

What already exists is usually well known to the operations teams. These teams know all the challenges, the issues they regularly face, so it is not presumptuous to say that the complete mapping necessary to establish your modernization roadmap probably already exists. It may not be on paper, but in certain brains which, if consulted, can quickly help us establish the bases.

3. In.spire: Define the why

Human capital is one of the pillars of a company and the modernization of IT infrastructures involves major changes. This is why our program puts people at the heart of change.

For this transformation to be successful, it is important to define the why behind each step of the transformation.

We must ensure the acceptance and support of your user community for this project to be a success.

This phase in the program, therefore, defines the reasons for the transformation.

4. In.design: Define the technological target

The architecture in co-creation mode allows you to have a complete view of what will be the next iteration of your IT infrastructures.

The technical plan presents, at a high level, certain technological choices, which will ensure the cohesion of your environment, but the “ how ” will be decided by the team of experts who manage your operations.

5. In.plan: Create the execution plan

Once the architecture is established, the project plan is the phase that will cement everything. This is a plan that encompasses all the sites, and which takes into account the dependencies between each of these sites.

The strength of this plan also lies in the fact that it is fully encrypted. This allows you to assess the total cost of ownership (TCO).

6. In.gage: Involve your community

Once the plan is complete, the next step is to rally the big decision-makers and vertical owners. For this step, we accompany you to present the plan and the next steps in your management. Once the plan is approved, you will be ready for a transformation, controlled and supported by a common vision for all stakeholders.

Accelerators to make your team go faster and further

With the aim of empowering your teams, we offer you a plan that, once implemented, will provide you with a harmonized infrastructure that will be simple to understand, manage and monitor.

This new transparency will greatly increase your flexibility while keeping people at the heart of decisions. The execution plan that we give you offers this right balance since the structure is defined, but the teams are completely free to implement it according to their criteria.

Not convinced yet?

However, the Blueprint for modern IT can, in addition to a successful modernization, bring you many advantages such as:

  • A better ability to attract new resources
  • The feeling of being part of something big
  • Realize that robustness improves at each stage of the plan
  • An increase in collaboration between teams
  • Better staff retention
  • The benefits of being more organized, structured.

In conclusion

The Blueprint for Modern IT is a one-of-a-kind service. It allows you to quickly develop a clear vision, creates a harmonized architecture and a costed execution plan while motivating your teams and promoting the retention of your resources.