Why become a cyber defender?

As Simon Sinek says so well: Start with why.

Before I even began the direction change of my company (Indominus) to cybersecurity, I needed to understand why I was choosing this facet of my career. Cybersecurity has long been an area of expertise in my profile that I considered secondary. However, before even bringing it to the forefront, I first needed a mission that aligned with my values and beliefs.

After a good and long reflection, I found answers to my questions, and today this introspection has become the reason for the existence of Indominus.

So, here’s why we’re changing course!


Over the course of my career, I have worked as a technology architecture consultant for CGI. Among our clients, we had different types of companies from both the private and public sectors (municipal, provincial, and federal).

Whether for a bank, a telecommunications company, or a large aeronautics manufacturer, most projects I have contributed to were related to cyber security. This inherently involved a thorough understanding of the concepts and technologies.

Architecture: the bright side

From where does this love for architecture come?  Who has been the inspiration in my life? 

Roméo Laboureur, a carpenter by profession, but also my grandfather.

When I was 6 years old, this man was restoring an ancestral home. Over the course of the renovations, I met the architect in charge of the project, a kind gentleman who took the time to explain to me the various plans and what was going to happen to the house. At that very moment, I had the spark: I had understood that it was possible to imagine and design an environment by combining science and creativity. I got the bug for architecture in those very moments. Suddenly, a career path that I wanted to pursue and develop stood out before me.

However, about ten years later, life events altered this trajectory and I instead started a career in IT.

Nonetheless, thanks to my initial passion for architecture, I quickly realized that my design concepts could be used in technological transformation, not just in building design.

In 2021, I have created a complete service offering around a product called the Blueprint for modern I.T. This product was a 4-month program allowing companies to redefine the architecture of their technological environments so that they could carry out their digital transformation.

The triggering element

In the summer of 2022, at the annual CEO Vision Summit, an event organized by the Quebec Technology Association (AQT), I met with nearly 40 business leaders to whom I presented the Blueprint. To my disappointment, I found that my target audience had very little interest and understanding of the product.

I, however, was convinced that it was a revolutionary idea.

During the same event, I participated in the panel with the theme: the breach at D-Box Technologies.

In less than 30 minutes, several of the 115 CEOs in the room questioned me on the subject. I believe they had all just grasped the risks involved in a cyber attack.

And to this day, I still hear about it…

The post-mortem of this panel was the realization that we had to make a change of direction, that 180° pivot was therefore necessary. In other words, the market dictated the path to be paved.


Cybersecurity, dealing with the dark side

On a few occasions over the past few years we have been asked to develop and provide a recovery plan for companies that had suffered a cyber attack. Each time, the burning desire to allow these institutions to resume their activities haunted me. I had the feeling that I was witnessing a major injustice. These companies did not ask to be abused in this way. For them, it was a return to the schoolyard and the moments of intimidation, when the biggest and strongest boys had fun beating the smallest ones to steal their pocket money.

Nevertheless, what few people know is that my youth was not exactly a happy one. Quite the contrary, my childhood is tainted by memories of alcoholism, domestic violence, and bullying.

This stage of my life motivates me to help the most vulnerable in our society and protect them. In my case, the most vulnerable are small and medium-sized enterprises. These hard-working entrepreneurs are being intimidated by cyber criminals.

Our purpose in cybersecurity: Securing the future of SMBs.

We want to end this cycle of intimidation and violence. To this end, we will set up prevention tools to support entrepreneurs by providing them with our knowledge and expertise.

Our vision for the next 10 years is to eradicate cybercrime and make it a thing of the past.

Join the cause

We thus invite you to join the cause of cybersecurity to end this war, this stingy model where money takes precedence over ethics and decency.

Choose the light and protect our future.

An article written for : Csciences

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